About Jims Mustangs and Customs

About Jims Mustangs and Customs:

There is something very special about this car. As the years go by memories of restoring classic Mustangs never fail to bring smiles.

Here’s a little about our company: From early classics cars like the 1966 pictured we’ve been fortunate enough to work on many  generations of “Stangs”

Referred to as the “Pony Cars” most noteworthy with a long nose and short deck lid has remained the same over the years.

Performance enhanced exotic customizations, stock muscle cars with bolt on options, and simple commuter cream puffs are just a few examples of the types of Mustangs our company can work on.

Whether the engine has four (4), Six (6), or eight (8), cylinder engine in the car we can help. Tune ups, engine swaps, water pumps, Ac repairs and retrofitting are just some of the things we do.

We also have an on site transmission shop. We repair both automatic and standard shift units. We and also freshen up an aging transmission or differential.

Once a vehicle has been restored; routine maintenance such as oil changes, transmission and differential services, power steering and brake flushes can be performed.

Located within the Wilson Imports and Domesticss-Super Premium Transmission building

5114 Hwy 6 North

Houston, TX, 77084

713 628 1679